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  • Ambassador: Our Ambassadors are the face of the Christian Business Alliance, embodying our values and spreading our mission. In this role, you'll have the opportunity to network, share our vision with potential members, and help grow our community. Your efforts will play a vital role in expanding our impact globally.

  • Business Discipleship: Join us as a Business Discipleship volunteer, where you'll mentor and guide fellow entrepreneurs in aligning their business practices with Christian principles. Your wisdom and experience can help others navigate challenges while staying true to their faith, creating businesses that glorify God.

  • Chapter LeaderAs a Chapter Leader, you are the catalyst for local change, fostering a thriving community of Christian entrepreneurs. You will organize events, facilitate connections, and lead meaningful discussions that inspire business growth and spiritual enrichment. Your leadership will directly contribute to our mission of empowering Christian business owners.

  • Finance Team: As part of our Finance Team, you'll ensure the financial health and sustainability of our organization. Your expertise will help us steward our resources wisely, enabling us to continue supporting Christian entrepreneurs and making a positive impact in our communities.

  • Member Engagement: Our Member Engagement volunteers are at the heart of our community, ensuring every member feels valued, connected, and engaged. You'll facilitate communication, coordinate events, and create opportunities for members to collaborate and learn from one another.

  • Prayer Team: Join our Prayer Team to uplift our community through the power of prayer. You'll intercede for our members, their businesses, and our collective mission, providing spiritual support that strengthens our resolve and deepens our faith.

  • Social Media: As a Social Media volunteer, you'll leverage digital platforms to amplify our message, engage with our audience, and attract new members. Your creativity and digital savvy will help us reach more Christian entrepreneurs, spreading our vision of faith-based business success.

Each of these roles offers a unique opportunity to use your skills and passions to serve our community, contribute to our mission, and make a lasting impact. We look forward to welcoming you to our volunteer team!

Phoenix | AZ